A hat is called a fedora when it is caracterized by a wide brim and a dented crown. The term refers to the succesful French play Fédora from 1882. The famous actress Sarah Bernard wore a masculin fedora hat on stage to shock the audience and to put the womens rights issue in the spotlights. In the early years of the 20th century,  the fedora became the popular hat style for men. Royals like Prince Edward and VIP’s contributed to the popularity of the fedora, as being a stylish, elegent hat.

Nowadays, the fedora has become a unisex hat style and milliners have created many variations in both more casual as well as very elegant fedora’s. One of its most loyal fans is Jonny Depp, who does not mind to be seen wearing his favorite fedora with a little hole in the pinched crown centre.

You will find many fedora hat styles in the Oliver Sander and Bronté collections: with firm brims and floppy pieces, trimmed with belts and with ribbons, twotone pieces and casual fedora's.

In the Oliver Sander range, you will find fedora's for men with various widths in brim, heights of crown and interesting trimmings.

Check the full range of Fedora hats for men favourites like Venice.

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