Trilby hats for women

Complete your look with our elegant trilby hats. Our trilbies for women combine well with most outfits and have the perfect appeal for a casual look. Our collection includes various trilbies in different colours and styles. Discover all of our styles below.

Most of our ladies trilby hats are made with a one-size-fits-all system that allows you to change the hat size. This system makes our trilbies suitable for all head sizes, as even when you wear your hair up, our trilbies have the perfect fit. They’re practical on windy days as well.

Trilby hats are stylish hats with a narrow brim and a dent in the crown. Generally, they have a brim up to 2 inches (5 centimetres), which sets them apart from Fedora hats. The trilbies’ crown has a centre dent and the sides are pinched. They were traditionally worn by rich men and were frequently seen at horse races. Trilbies experienced a buzz of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s when Frank Sinatra and other artists made the style popular.

Various Trilby hat types

Whether you’re looking for a subtle black or grey trilby hat or want to stand out with a colourful hat, at Bronté we have the perfect trilby hat for every woman. Our collection includes trilbies made from many different materials such as Panama straw, braided straw and felt and various colours such as luxurious black trilby hats, classic brown trilby hats, classy white trilbies and grey trilbies, fit for every occasion. Every trilby has its own unique features and looks.

Different materials and benefits of our Trilby hats

Our women’s trilby hats have a unique Northern European design. The clean lines and subtle details add character to your outfit. Our trilbies for women are made from various materials, such as natural straw and wool felt. Our natural straw and natural super braid straw trilby hats offer great protection from the sun and UV radiation, while maintaining their breathable functionalities. They’re airy, light in weight and very comfortable. The crochet weave of some of our trilbies prevents straw from breaking, making them durable as well. Our (wool) felt trilby hats are stylish and are great for cold winter days. They will keep your head warm and are easy to pack if made of foldable felt. They’re durable and wrinkle resistant.

Examples of Trilby Hats

Still not sure which trilby is the perfect fit for you? Why not check out our favourites like the Jade, Steven and Bob models?

Inspired by the 1940s and Greta Garbo, the felt trilby Jade hat has a unique hat shape, perfect for people who know what style they want to achieve. The feminine fedora-style hat has a discrete and charming look. The felt trilby will keep you warm and will remain in perfect condition, because of its wrinkle-resistant characteristics. It is great as a travel companion and it’ll keep you looking fashionable wherever you go.

The Steven trilby hat stands out in comfort thanks to the soft moulded crown. Its crochet weave prevents the straw from breaking, making it a true travel hat. The trilby comes with a striped blue grosgrain ribbon. It’s a very breathable and lightweight hat, perfect for summer.

Our Bob trilby model has a unique design and is great for warm summer days thanks to its breathable characteristics. Its brim is approximately 2 inches (5 cm) wide and is slightly curved. It’s flexible, allowing you to wear this trilby with the brim up or down. The straw materials used are enhanced with a layer of silicon protection, to strengthen the crown.

Trilby hat - Jade - grey<br /> 

Trilby hat - Jade - grey

Jade - grey Designing a new hat shape is like a new recipe.  You know what look you want to..
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