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With our charming and stylish cloche hats you will stand out in crowds. Our cloches add a feminine touch to your outfit and will keep you looking fashionable wherever you go. They’re suitable for all kind of occasions, but are generally used as day wear. The various cloches at Bronté are great for walks along the beach or bike rides. Discover our collection and complete your look with a stylish and unique cloche hat.

Our cloche hats have a particularly feminine design and are comfortable to wear. The small brims are charming and its circular shape frames faces in a unique, but balanced fashion. It is a matter of proportions to establish the right balance between the face and the brim and crown of small brim hats like ladies cloche hats. Most of our cloche hats are fitted with a one-size-fits-all system, allowing you to change the size of the hat.

Cloche hats, or cloches, are bell-shaped hats for women. They were first designed in 1908, but became popular around the 1920s. Its name is derived from ‘cloche’, the French word for ‘bell’. Originally, ladies’ cloche hats were made from felt and were designed to be worn low on the forehead. The wearers’ eyes would just slightly peek out below the brim. Later, other models, such as cloche sun hats were made of straw to be more suitable for warmer weather.

Various Cloche hat types

Here at Bronté, we offer numerous types of cloche hats for women, ranging from cloche hats with small and wider brims to cloches with ribbons and bucket style cloches, all with their own unique features and looks. Our assortment exists in a variety of colours, such as luxurious black cloches, playful red cloche hats, pink cloches and classy white cloche hats, fit for every occasion.

Different materials and benefits of our cloche hats

Our cloche hats for women are unique in that most of them have a particular Northern European design. This design is characterised by subtle details and clean lines. Our collection of ladies cloche hats are made from a range of materials, such as natural (super) braided straw or wool felt. The natural straw cloche hats offer protection against the sun and UV, are light in weight and very breathable. They’re perfect for walks along a windy beach, bike rides and city life. They will also keep you looking dashing on sunny vacations. Our braided straw hats are very comfortable to wear, are breathable and packable. Great for trips to warm and sunny places! Our wool felt cloches will give you that traditional and classy look. They’re stylish and great for colder days, as they will keep you head warm. They’re also foldable and easy to pack.

Examples of Cloches

Do you find it hard to choose the perfect cloche? Why not check out our favourite models like the Mathilda, Tessa or Sophia cloche hats?

Our Mathilda model is a feminine looking cloche, made from natural super braid straw. Its feminine shape frames the face gently. It covers your head fully and has a one-size-fits-all system. It’s rollable and packable, making it great for trips to a windy beach.

The Tessa model cloche is also made from natural super braid straw. This bucket style hat is rollable and offers great protection from the sun. Its one-size-fits-all system is adjustable. This cloche is perfect for the busy city life and adventurous journeys to tropical islands. The Tessa model is fitted with beautiful straw trimming in the same tone.

Our Sophia model cloche is entirely made of wool felt. It has a classic cloche style look and is very comfortable thanks to the short back. The Sophia is trimmed with an attractive felt bow and is the perfect choice for small faces!

Cloche hat -  Paula - sand

Cloche hat - Paula - sand

Paula – Sand The Paula is a summer cloche hat, made from fine Italian linen in colour sand...
Cloche hat - Paula - ivory

Cloche hat - Paula - ivory

Paula- ivory The summer cloche hat Paula is made of fine Italian linen. The shape of the Pau..
Cloche hat - Lotte - white

Cloche hat - Lotte - white

Lotte - white Lotte, a sweet cloche hat for a lovely summer. The fine  Covers your..
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