Bucket Hats for Women

The hat that every fashion girl is wearing right now: the bucket hat. While the bucket hat might have had a bad reputation, to begin with, it has quickly gone from dreaded item to fashion must-have. Bucket hats have become hallmarks of Scandinavian girls' summer wardrobes and the finishing touch to any water-wicking ensemble on the streets of New York, London and Paris.


From Fishermen to Fashionista's

The bucket hat has a long history that takes in everything from inhospitable weather to soldiers. It might be considered the most ancient of hats, originally being loved for its practicality. Designed with a longer brim a the back and made from strong, waterproof fabric, the bucket hat was mainly worn by fishermen working off the coast of Cape Cod. Like the Breton or the Aran Knit, the bucket hat has become a classic over the years and a style legacy that is still with us today. Check out our bucket hat style Matt made up in a lovely Linton Tweed.


Streetstyle Stars

Nowadays, bucket hats can be seen everywhere. On the Christian Dior catwalk, on Rita Ora's head in a snow shower and on influencers like Lucy Williams and Anna Sarlvit. Everyone tends to agree: there's no denying that bucket hats are back in a big way.


Practical & Stylish

The flexible structure, easygoing aesthetic, and vast range of colors, fabrics, and textures allow the wearer to create their individual statement. Whether that is with a tweed bucket hat like Matt or water-resilient fabric like Robin. The practicality of the bucket hat lies in the downward-sloping brim that offers protection from the sun and rain. Add to that our water-resilient fabric and you'll look fashionable while staying dry. The bucket hat makes sure your accessorizing game is always on-point and that bad-hair days are easily concealed.


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Bucket hat -  Robin - green cotton

Bucket hat - Robin - green cotton

Robin - green cotton Robin is a light-weight summer cotton hat in a typical bucket hat. The ..
Bucket rain hat -  Robin - navy blue

Bucket rain hat - Robin - navy blue

Robin- blue A cool bucket hat for a rainy day, made of waxed cotton. The special water ..
Bucket hat -  Matt - white/pink

Bucket hat - Matt - white/pink

Matt - white /pink  A feminine bucket hat for a casual spring day, made of a precious&n..
Bucket hat - Southwest - natural/black melange

Bucket hat - Southwest - natural/black melange

Southwest - natural/black melange The Southwest hat style can be worn in many different ways..
Bucket hat -  Robin - navy/white cotton

Bucket hat - Robin - navy/white cotton

Robin- navy/white cotton Robin is a light-weight summer cotton hat in a typical bucket hat a..
Bucket hat -  Robin - navy blue

Bucket hat - Robin - navy blue

Robin - blue The cool bucket hat Robin is made in light-weight summer linen. A versatile nav..
Cloche - Tessa - pastel pink

Cloche - Tessa - pastel pink

Tessa - pastel pink  Tessa is a bucket style hat with the advantages of rollable h..
Cloche - Tessa - navy<br /> 

Cloche - Tessa - navy

Tessa - navy Tessa is a kind of a Bucket style. The height of this style is more shallow compared..
Cloche - Tessa - natural/black

Cloche - Tessa - natural/black

Tessa - natural Bucket style hat with the advantages of a rollable sun protection headwear. ..
Bucket hat - Bessa - black

Bucket hat - Bessa - black

Bessa/scarf - black The Bessa is a bucket hat with a modern twist. This brimmed ra..
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