Beanies For Women

There is hardly a warmer piece of headwear for an icy winter day than a beanie. A beanie is a knitted cap that helps to keep a warm head. A proper beanie is deep enough to cover your ears and your forehead. Humen lose more than 70% of body heath via their head. By covering your head, you will experience a sense of comfortable body warmth all over. Beanies that are made of a combination of wool, polyamide and a super soft yarn like cashmere or alpaca are the very best recipe for protecting your body warmth. The natural fibres of the various kinds of sheep contribute to the warmth that the beanie offers. By adding a bit of acrylic or polyamide, a knitted beanie will last longer and can be worn in damp or wet circumstances. Those synthetic fibres will also prevent the natural yarns from peeling. The new collection of winter beanies will be available soon.

Some beanies offer a cuffed brim to give double protection to the forehead. Fine beanies like Faraona or Sasha are specially made for very cold days or when you are super sensitive to colds, as they have 2 layers. These beanie styles with double layers have the benefit of offering a lot of volume: that way you can easily play with the shape and make the beanie into a beret, or you use the beanies volume to put your hair in.

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